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Using Python From IDL


Python shares many characteristics with IDL and also has a very large user base.  Some of the scientifically valuable ones are packages like SciPy, Numpy, SimpleITK etc.'

The problem with Python from an IDL users point of view is that just getting started is an incredible hurdle.

I wrote the book showing exactly how an IDL user would download Python and several different packages and get them running from IDL.  All the mistakes that I made are in the book so that you can learn from them.

This book exists only as a ebook on Amazon Kindle and can be purchased below.  Don't worry if you don't have a kindle there are FREE Kindle readers for every platform IDL runs on!


My intent is for this to be a living document that the IDL community can contribute to.  So when you have interfaced Slither with a new Python Package just let me know and we can add a new chapter with your name on it.

A big positive of using the eBook format is that when the book is updated, Amazon will notify you and you will get the update for free!


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