Kling Research and Software, inc


Welcome to Kling Research and Software

 We are a firm that specializes in the Interactive Data Language (IDL) from ITT Visual Information Systems.  IDL is a 4GL language that has been developed for research scientists since 1975.  As IDL has matured it has gained additional recognition as an outstanding development language for many different areas.

At KRS we specialize in using IDL to develop new applications for clients and to help researchers solve their own problems. Our backgrounds in Physics and Math allow us to work alongside our clients with an understanding of what they are doing.

We have worked with large companies and individual researchers.  No matter who you are we bring a "can do" attitude to your project.

Our target markets are two areas.
1. Researchers needing help with implementing new and existing techniques.
2. Scientific and Medical application developers


Contact Information

Postal address 
     3233 Fortune Mountain Road, Marshall, VA 20115
     General Information: ronn@rlkling.com


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