Kling Research and Software, inc



These are a sample of past projects that we have worked on.  More details can be provided upon request.

SAIC used us to upgrade an existing application with the goal being better memory usage and faster processing.

Xenogen used KRS to develop an IDL application that processed long duration exposures of living animals that had been inoculated with phosphorescent bacteria. This application involved object graphics, calling existing C code and custom IDL code for image analysis (image below).

ITT used KRS to create an IDL application that used TCP/IP to read data that was being created in real time by a Beowulf cluster.

ITTVIS, the creator of IDL, has used us on many of their own consulting projects.  This included the Lunar Planetary Institute, National Institute of Health and the National Institute of Science and Technology.

The Constellation and Sirius Radio satellites had us perform custom orbital analysis in support of their system design.

One of our first projects was developing a Karyotyping tool for Oncor, inc. This tool was used to segment chromosomes images and display them individually. 

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