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Books written by Ronn Kling

Application Development with IDL

This book is written for scientists, engineers and programmers who want to combine their analytical techniques with widget interfaces. In the past we were restricted to writing procedural programs that read namelists, files, or had data entered in from a prompt. This book shows how to integrate widget interfaces with analysis code resulting in an application that will increase your productivity and quality of your results. By using a widget interface input values can be changed and results displayed in real time without having to endlessly execute the same procedures over and over again.

These techniques are illustrated with examples using active contours (snakes), simulated annealing, watershed segmentation, region of interest creation and object/widget hybrids. In each case the theory behind the application is explained, interface layout discussed and the code is created step by step.

In addition, numerous tricks to speed up your IDL code are shown and used in the examples


Calling C and C++ from IDL

This 125 page book is written for anyone that wants to be able to call C or C++ programs from IDL. Using very simple examples written in C and C++ the reader will be able to create and pass scalars, arrays, strings and structures back and forth from IDL to C. The code is written for IDL version 5.3 and later but can be made to run on earlier versions with only minor modifications.

In addition new chapters cover the new keyword API available in IDL 5.6 and later, creating a dll project in Visual C++ and debugging a DLM using Visual C++ or Emacs and gdb on Unix.

Over 1000 lines of source code are provided on the accompanying disk with a makefile for all UNIX platforms, com file for VMS, Visual C++ 6.0 project for windows, and a Code Warrior 5 project for the Macintosh.


Power Graphics with IDL

This 245 page book endeavors to teach through explanation and example everything a user of IDL will need to "get up to speed" with Object Graphics. Programmers and researchers alike will benefit from this book as they use Object Graphics in their own projects. Over 3000 lines of IDL code are provided on the accompanying CD in order to make the learning process easier.


IDL Primer

Beginning IDL users can use this book to quickly learn the necessary IDL syntax and procedures for displaying data. New IDL users can also use this as a quick reference as they learn how to use IDL.


Object Oriented Programming with IDL

This book is for everyone who wants to learn Object Oriented Programming with IDL. It is meant for the average IDL user who has written normal procedures and functions. No other knowledge of Object Oriented Programming is required.  Using examples and code that can be downloaded the reader will learn basic techniques and move quickly to advanced topics like polymorphism, abstraction and method overriding.


Using Python From IDL

This kindle e-book is for IDL users that also want to be able to run python programs from within IDL.  This is done via the FREE Slither dll and shared object library that can be downloaded here.


Using Python From IDL is HERE! 2012 Christmas Card is HERE!  Object Oriented Programming with IDL is HERE!