Kling Research and Software, inc



We are the leading independent experts in IDL. The companies founder, Ronn Kling, has written six books on the use of IDL and has taught many IDL training classes.

We are experts in designing and developing IDL applications for all areas.  We have written hundreds of applications that involve every aspect of IDL.  We are experienced using direct graphics, object graphics, database access, java interaction, TCP/IP connectivity, COM objects and Active X objects.

We have also extended IDL to use as part of the Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) allowing true parallel processing with IDL.

Finally, we have interfaced IDL to cameras, controllers, fingerprint readers, barcode scanners, and third party applications (e.g. wavebook) via C and C++.

We enjoy working on new ways to use IDL. If you have an idea we would love to hear from from you.

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