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IDL interface to PVM

idl_tools - This is a collection of EXTREMELY useful IDL utilities that was originally created by Randall Frank.  Version 2.0 has some additions by Ronn Kling that adds zipfile support and a new function, array_any_match.

krsgravi - This is one of our most popular downloads. It reads and writes AVI files from IDL, in addition, if you download the avisynth frame server from www.avisynth.org you can also read and write MPEG and Quicktime files.  Version 2.0 has extensive error checking and the ability to directly display image frames into widget_draw windows.  This change allows movies to be played back very fast. Example programs are included in the zip file.

The majority of people have downloaded the above and used the avi reader/writer with no problem. However, a few people were getting the error "Application failed to load". If that happens to you download this version and replace the above dll with the one in this zip file. The only difference between the two is that this one was compiled with Visual Studio 2008. KRSgrAVI_VS2008.zip

The 64bit version can be downloaded here

DLMs not for general release but we will be happy to answer questions about them

IDL control of Nikon, Fuji and Canon Digital Cameras

IDL control of web cams

IDL control of barcode scanners

IDL control of fingerprint readers

IDL interface with several microscpoic imaging formats such as stk, biorad, lsm, oib, and oif

IDL interface with dcraw


Using Python From IDL is HERE! 2012 Christmas Card is HERE!  Object Oriented Programming with IDL is HERE!